All good things must come to an end.. On tour with The Shires and John & Jacob

21 Apr 2015

My first experience on the road with two exciting artists has ended and it was an absolute treat to become part of the family and document the tour through my vision.

I’ve been shooting the UK’s hottest country act, The Shires, pretty much since their inception and the ‘Boys from Birmingham’ aka John & Jacob ever since I met them at a Kacey Musgraves gig last summer, so it made sense that once they announced the #BraveTour that I get involved and stalk these awesome talents all around the UK.

Shooting for the artists has exceeded my expectations in terms of being able to give my creative best and grow my skills. The freedom to roam and dictate vantage points to get a bigger range of live shots, along with shooting several performances in a row made it so much easier to be selective and choose the right moment to get ‘that’ shot, than when you are pushed for time with the ‘first three no flash’ scenario.

I took the approach that this was a visual journey of the artists’ experience on tour – so I blended a mix of live shots with posed, candid and general behind-the-scenes moments which creates a story. Ultimately, there are only so many live shots you can take before they start looking the same, so taking this approach allowed me to spend more time editing on the fly and pushing out content when it’s still fresh and less time running around firing hundreds of frames from the pit or stage. Growing my skills was definitely an understatement – I forced myself to become more automated in my editing without compromising my brand – and even mixed it up a bit with some old film style and vintage treatments – and if I can take anything personal away from the past two weeks it’s that I’ve really been able to work under the pressure I applied to myself, which is something I always strive for.

The Shires and John & Jacob have been killing it around the UK – I joined them in seven cities (listed above) and here is a highlights gallery of some of my favourite shots that hopefully capture the story of their journey during the #BraveTour2015.

Congratulations to all crew, management, artists, promoters and venue staff – everything seemed to really gel and it’s no wonder audiences are flocking to each and every full-capacity performances.

Check out highlights of the tour here or for a full set of shots from each performance, head on down to my Facebook page.

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