C2C Country to Country 2015 Interview on Gig Photographer.com

14 Mar 2015

After a relentless three days running amok at London’s O2 Arena as official photographer for C2C2015, I was interviewed by Gig Photographer.com, talking about the challenges and rewards of shooting of being the official shooter of such a big weekend.

Here’s a snippet of the interview…

So Ant, you have just finished shooting this years’ Country to Country music festival. For those who don’t know, can you give us a quick run down of what C2C and what it means for the Country Music Industry?

Hey, thanks again for having me. It’s a great platform to be able to share my insight and trust me after the past three days, I’m still wired with adrenalin so your timing is just right. C2C is a weekend event that started in 2013, so we’ve just had the third one in the country. It is, unquestionably, the biggest event in the UK for country music fans. We’ve been starved of the genre for so many years where people have had to get their fix through either online media, or dig into their pockets and make the trip across the pond.

Read the full interview here: http://gig-photographer.com/flex-the-frog-shoots-c2c/

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