CMA Fest 2014 – Nashville bound again.

25 Mar 2014

Summer is around the corner and another dose of Music City in its glory awaits. The CMA have just recently announced the line up for the nightly LP Field concerts with some big names again, but I’m also waiting to hear what talent will be scattered around the Riverfront Stages and downtown.

Looking forward to travelling back to Nashville in the middle of summer is an understatement. The buzz I felt last June amidst the heat and 80,000 revellers from around the globe has me itching to get back there. Will I be taking the super-telephoto this time ’round? A resonant “NO!”… No need – the access to the LP Field pit means a lot lighter equipment load so that will make traversing the busy streets of Nashville a lot more manageable.

I was very happy with the results I got last year and as always, am aiming to push myself and better them again this year. It will make a lot more sense to me now second time ’round, knowing the procedures and locations, so expect something pretty special (I hope anyway!)…

Watch this space – come ‘mid June it will be plastered with Nashville’s finest…

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