Published in Maverick Magazine.

23 Jul 2013

Maverick Magazine, the UK’s leading circulation of country music news, approached me a couple of months back with interest in my shots of LeAnn Rimes from this year’s Country 2 Country Festival at O2 Arena. They were running a feature on LeAnn in a forthcoming edition and a selection of my shots were taken into consideration for the cover.

Wow! Really? Let me explain what this means to me…

As a photographer in the modern age, it’s so easy to get caught up with posting your photos online – website, social networks, email and third party sites, but nothing – and I mean ‘nothing’ – beats seeing your work in the medium it was intended to be displayed. I’ve recently moved out into the countryside and with more wall space comes more inspiration, so I’ve gone ahead and printed quite a lot of my work – live, landscape and street – framed, on canvas and aluminium – and the buzz you get when seeing the shots you’ve taken on display is exhilarating to say the least.

So, ultimately, the cover shot for Maverick came from elsewhere, but what they did run was a double-page spread of my shots from CMA Fest in Nashville and when I received a copy of the publication in the post, to see my work displayed in a leading circulation was both fulfilling and humbling at the same time. Thank you Alan, the editor of Maverick and also to Simon, one of their contributors, for putting Alan in touch with me.

Looking forward to more collaborations with Maverick in the future!

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